Toy Gift Guide For Toddlers 2018

I took a poll on IG stories a few weeks ago and you guys really wanted to see a toy gift guide. I was excited to finally get to put this together. Since day one Alexia’s daddy loves to get her all the new and cool toys available for kids, especially STEM toys. STEM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – my husband has degrees in engineering and mathematics so naturally he gravitates for these. Toys that stimulates creative thinking and learning, we are both all about – it’s the new “fun” way to learn!

These are some of the latest toys that Alexia has and loves, most of these she received last year for Christmas or for her 4th birthday in October. Let’s get into it!


1. Frozen Anna dress and matching boots

I am so impressed with this Anna dress and boots, the quality of both these items are so good and they don’t look cheap if you know what I mean. She loves changing into these daily.

2. Flying Toy Ball

This toy is not expensive and OH SO FUN!! It has LED lights and lights up when its floating around and advanced hover technology so its motion-sensitive. It detects objects nearby or underneath and fly’s away automatically, keeping it from falling. She loves to place her hand underneath. The built-in gyroscope can control the accuracy and sensitivity to make balance when the ball is flying. Its really cool!

3. Mega Slime & Putty Lab

Alexia has played with this daily since she got it for her birthday. It has various slim and putty from normal slime to magnetic and glow in the dark putty. It’s recommended for 8+ but my 4 year old loves it as well as the whole family.

4. Light Up Crystal Growing Kit

This was another birthday gift she received. Because she is only 4, I helped her mix the crystallizing mixture but she loved waking up every morning and seeing how much the crystals grew. They are sitting in her room now. The LED lights make for a perfect night light.

5. T-REX fingerling

If there is one thing Alexia loves, it’s dinosaurs. She loves “taming” her T-rex. It’s big on her finger but it doesn’t bother her. She always sneaks this into her backpack so her friends at school can play with it.

6. Princess Castle

She’s had this for 2 years now. Its one of her favorite places in the house. If she needs some “quiet time” this is where she goes. It’s also one of her favorite places to hide when we play hide and seek. I am thinking of upgrading this one and grabbing this!  I love those lights!

7. Botley Coding Robot

Alexia and her daddy love playing with this one. She loves to be able to “code” like daddy. We also bought these accessories for it.

8. Floor Puzzle

We have a few floor puzzles. I always pull one out especially while I’m trying to cook dinner. This will keep her occupied, for a bit at least :). I love that this one is educational.



9. Laser Twilight

Okay, how many of you guys had those stick on stars for the ceiling? I did. Well this is a THOUSAND times better. I would have loved this as a kid. We recently grabbed this laser projector for Alexia and it is AMAZING. We were literally mesmerized by this for hours. It has a nebulous feature that moves, stars that move around and shooting stars! If you grab anything from this gift guide be sure to grab this!! It is EPIC!!!

10. Unicorn Pillow

This was a fun crafting activity. Alexia loved putting this together and cuddling with it at night while we read.

11. Frozen Sparkle Elsa Doll

If your daughter loves Frozen be sure to grab this doll. Alexia loves singing and dancing along with this one.

12. Love Monster Series

These are a favorite of ours. They all teach a good lesson to learn. We read “Love Monster and the Scary Something” for the entire month of October and we are still reading it now. She can recite every book word for word. We are still missing “Love Monster and The Perfect Present” so I’ll be getting that for her along with the Love Monster plush doll for Christmas.

13. Moonlight Storybook Projector

Since we love our twilight projector I thought I would grab this for her for Christmas. I can’t wait for this one! It will be a fun change for how we read stories at night. I can’t wait!

14. Dig It Up!

Another dinosaur toy she LOVES. This one is great for a wide range of ages. She has fun chiseling at the eggs and finding her surprise dinosaur. It does make a mess but I make sure she chisels at the egg on a towel and then I toss it all outside. Its no big deal. The eggs are individually wrapped and have to be softened in water. This is a fun bath time activity too!

15. Toddler Microscope

Great for the aspiring scientist! She loves finding bugs around the house or outside that she can look at under the microscope.

16. Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set 

This toy is SO fun and another great toy for ALL ages. It keep us busy for hours, the adults too!  And it’s fun to set up. We just like to get creative with it and have a good time. The pieces are sensitive, so it can fall apart easily but that’s the fun of it – we just rebuild a better run!



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