Must Have Monday!

Happy Monday loves! So today I’m going to start something new! MUST HAVE MONDAY! Occasionally I have a few random things that I have deemed MUST HAVES from products to fashion and I think this is the perfect time and place to share them! So lets get into it!

This time of year, I always have so many thoughts racing through my head, especially planning for the holidays. My mind seems to continue going even after I lay my head down and even though I’m exhausted it really makes it hard to fall asleep.  RESCUE® Sleep Liquid Melts have really seemed to help calm all of my repetitive thoughts allowing me to fall asleep naturally. I’m not one to take medication for anything, even when I have a cold, unless they are as natural as possible and I love that these RESCUE® Sleep Liquid Melts  are non-narcotic and non-habit forming (insert happy dance here). I’ve finally been getting some restful sleep!

My hands also get so dry this time of year I always sleep with a small bottle of lotion by my bed and RESCUE® Cream has really been helping soothe and care for my dry skin. My daughter has been using it too and better yet, I know its safe for her because its fragrance free, paraben free and lanolin-free. Its also not tested on animals!

Last week I had to go to the dentist (insert cringe face here). I’ve never met anyone that likes going to the the dentist so I think you can relate too. I’m usually holding on to my seat so tight my knuckles turn white. These RESCUE® Pastilles are LIFESAVING and are a delicious way to keep the stress at bay when you’re on the go. I keep them in my purse now and can discretely take one when I’m feeling stressed or even a hint of anxiety.

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#ad I’m getting one of you #ReadyWithRescue for an entire year with six RESCUE® Sleep Liquid Melts and six  RESCUE® Pastille tins! Winners will be chosen December 18th.

Sophisticated and Styled - Must Have Monday Picks!

Sophisticated and Styled - Must Have Monday Picks!

♥ Shop This Look ♥

I cannot get enough of this suede jacket. Suede moto jackets are all the rage right now and last year too. I really wanted on last year but seemed to never take the plunge until I saw this one. Its a bit cheaper than a more popular version but I think the suede is a bit softer on this one. I really, really love it and so tempted to grab the black version too! A MUST HAVE for sure!

♥Shop This Look ♥

This Sole Society scarf is definitely a MUST HAVE!  I’m OBSESSED but then yet again I get pretty excited about anything with a chunky knit that’s also warm and cozy. The color is perfect, its a gorgeous pale pink and goes so well with grey but I’ve already used it so many times, its a great neutral that goes well with everything to be honest.


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