10 Favorite Hair Products of 2017

Hey guys!!! Happy 2018! One thing I really worked on last year was my hair. So, I’m really excited to talk about my top 10 favorite hair products of 2017! My hair was really neglected around the time my daughter was born because, well, being pregnant and taking care of newborn is hard work and my hair was last on my list. Then, as my fellow mamas know, my hair started falling out a few months after she was born and as if we already don’t go through enough changes those first few months that was just so depressing. Mostly, because my hair is already so thin. I can’t afford to loose any. Fast forward a few months around the time I wanted to start Sophisticated and Styled, I thought to myself “I really need to do something about this hair”! I set out to find the best hair products to bring my hair back to life.

Favorite Hair Care Products 2017

First, was a good hair cut. I cut off a few inches and had a long conversation about products with my stylist. At that time I was all about that organic life and using products that wouldn’t damage my hair, free of parabens, sulphates, you know, all those bad ingredients. What I didn’t realize though, was they were free of bad ingredients but really didn’t have any ingredients at all that were nourishing my hair. So my hair was left dull, thin and unmanageable.

Since I did always have thin hair I used extensions most of my college years, I’ve used them all different ways, clipped in, sewn in, tapped in, etc. However, I always go back to clipped in, this method is the best for not damaging my hair. So I ordered a set from Bellami (120g 18in in Dark Brown) and loved them. I am still very happy with this brand. I have been using them now almost 2 years and just recently feel like I should probably replace them which is WAY past their lifespan. Their website says they should be replaced every 3-6 months!

Favorite Hair Care Products 2017

So now lets get into the products! I have tried SO many this past year but all these I am really happy with and continue purchasing again!

one //  Shampoo and Conditioner  // This brand is so good at Nordstrom. I knew I was going to have to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner, but didn’t want to over spend and I felt like this one did a great job at nourishing and repairing my hair. I felt a difference the first month and I’ve repurchased this set all year!

Side note: I also had no idea all these years I was over washing my hair. I thought because I had oily hair I had to wash it everyday and all that was doing was damaging my hair. So now, I only wash it every 3-4 days and to my amazement….. its actually LESS oily now!

two // Dry Shampoo // I have tried a good amount of these this year! I really wanted one that did the trick without leaving all that white residue, had a good smell and didn’t make my hair feel like straw. Am I right? My top favorites are this one and this one. I will add my least favorite has been this one.

three // Volume // I love this product for volume. I spray it at my roots mostly on the top of my head. It really helps build body and creates a little bit of texture. I also use this spray and spray this at the roots after I blow dry. Seriously the best!

four // Heat protectant // I really love this brand all around. I have been really happy with this heat protectant and I love the smell. My hair can be frizzy, it really helps manage that and its really light weight.

five // Leave in treatment // If there is one product I can not tell more than great things about or one product I think you should grab out of all of these, it’s this one! I LOVE this stuff. I call it liquid gold! When my hair stylist tried it on my hair the first time, she placed 3 full pumps in her hand and I remember thinking, “she is going to be sorry putting all that oil in my hair”.  I was so wrong! My hair literally just soaked it up! It is so nourishing. My hair has NEVER felt so soft and shiny since using this product.

six // Styling tools // After I shower I use a wet brush. Since my hair is long and thin it does tangle easily and is very prone to breakage. This brush never pulls my hair and can be used for wet or dry hair. I was gifted the T3 blowdryer but I absolutely love it. It is pricey, not sure if I would have ever purchased it on my own. I can dry my hair in just a few minutes with this dryer. As I dry my hair I use this round brush to help with volume and smoothing out my hair.

seven // Styling Products // I use this before curling my hair especially if I wash it that same day. It helps give it that texture it needs to hold the curl. I also use it on the second or third day for added texture and manageability without it feeling dirty. For the perfect blowout I’ve been using this product. Its a newer product I tried towards the end of the year and I’m really liking it. I love the way it smells and really thinks it helps with managing my frizz.

eight // Hair Spray // I am really starting to enjoy this brand more and more. I am excited to try more products they offer this year. This hair spray is the first I have tried and I really like it. It provides great hold without feeling sticky or stiff. My hair still has a good natural bounce with this one. It does not disappoint!

nine// Shine mist // I use this product from time to time for some additional shine. Occasionally, I prefer it to an oil that I would place in my hand first then on my hair because I can control the amount used a bit better with this product since its a spray. I also use the oil mentioned above.

ten // Hair ties // I’ve been using these hair ties. There’re a bit different to get used to, but the best thing about them is they don’t crease your hair! I love that! So, no matter how long I have my hair up, especially overnight – in the morning, I let it down and don’t have annoying creases in it.


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